Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adventures In Italy (Reprise)

Now you can re-experience the blog in a physical format. This new book captures the same adventures with full-page color pictures and an edited text. Click the icon above for more information.

Book Description:
Adrian Bridges spent his past semester at New York University at their campus in Florence, Italy. While there, he studied everything from guitar and music to politics and the Italian language, becoming ever more intimate with the culture of Italy. During that time, he had the opportunity to travel extensively around the country, both as a tourist and on tour as a member of his jazz ensemble, "The Afterthought Quartet."

Along the way, he took pictures of much of what he saw. This book is devoted to the photographs he took on those adventures and the journal entries he compiled on his trips around Italy and other nearby European locations.

While this book resembles the blog which Adrian kept during his time abroad, the focus of this book is on the photography, while the journal en
tries have been edited, and many times expanded upon, to supplement these images.

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